Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clinic day three

What a beautiful sunrise awaited us on our third day of the clinic. The men are sitting at one of the hanging out places for the village men. This was one of my favorite babies. She was about a year and a half old. She was malnourished but she had the sweetest smile. I just had to hold her.
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Our backyard

On day two we got back to our house in time for a stroll by the water. We soon had a crowd of followers who were ready for a picture. The trees are so unique and beautiful that S and I took pictures of many of them. These are definitely sheep. Their tails are hanging down.

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Clinic Day 2

The welcoming group was there when we arrived. Someone on our team really loved the food. The animal (whose tail I can't see so I don't know if it is a goat or a sheep) wanted his picture made before we got into the van to go home.

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Food and Friends

We ate big bowl meals for lunch and dinner on clinic days. This bowl was rice, vegetables and fish. The green stuff on either side of the fish was made from okra. It was my favorite! These are some of the many children who greeted us every morning in the village. They loved to have their picture made and always wanted to see themselves. Thanks to digital cameras they will continue to pose!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inside the Clinic

We quickly got the two room clinic set up. The first room was the waiting room and the second room was the exam/pharmacy/explaining meds to patients room. S helped get the pharmacy set up. The curtain helped separate the pharmacy from the exams so I stood behind the curtain to hear S call out the meds. S did a great job showing the patients how to use the inhaler as B, the native doctor, looked on.
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More of the parade

The parade went on for a long time. There was music from sticks and lots of dancing. When it finally ended D and J gave a welcome from our team and told them we were there in the name of Jesus.
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Clinic Day 1

The morning view from the house where we stayed was beautiful and so peaceful. Every morning as we drove to the village we tried to take pictures of the monkeys playing in the trees. They were usually fast but I did get this one. When we arrived at the village we were greeted by a parade of women and children. We got out of the van and danced with them to the building where the clinic was held.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since our first clinic was on Sunday, we had our worship service on Saturday afternoon. These are some of our friends who came.
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Packing Meds and Cooking Dinner

After arriving and getting settled into our house, we went back to the K's house where we divided our meds into four days. F and F prepared our dinner while we worked. Please notice that it was being done by candlelight since the electricity was off.

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The other country

Our trip consisted of a ride through another country, so we got our passports checked at many times. We crossed the river on a ferry. I tried to capture a shot of the road we were riding on. It had been paved but had many potholes. The picture is bad but maybe you can get an idea of the road. The ride was smoother when it was only dirt. As we went southeast the countryside changed rapidly. Along the river there were areas with lots of palm trees.
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Out of town

As we were riding out of the city and through the countryside, I was able to get a few pictures out of the van window. It seemed we would never get out of town but we finally did and I saw my first huts.

A look back

We arrived safely in B'ham on Sat. afternoon. As usual, I hit the ground running so I haven't had much time to blog. Over the next few days I will try to blog a few picture memories of a wonderful trip! These are some pictures of our ride out of Dakar. It reminded me so much of India.
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