Thursday, June 23, 2011

A to S

Today has been a day of hugs and fun. We all flew from Atlanta to Seattle. Everyone had a good flight. The AL family was separated from the VA family by about 10 rows but they still got to visit some. It was so cute to see E, who is almost 5, run up and hug her cousins. Although there were clouds over the southeast, we saw a lot of the other part of the US. AC and L were amazed at the snow covered mountains. After arriving at our hotel, we needed some run around time so we walked around the beautiful campus of Seattle University. Pictures of the beautiful flowers will be posted.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Custard and Fred (car names) with their occupants made it safely to our hotel very near the Atlanta airport. The littles and girls were already in their rooms. J is spending the night in Richmond and will hopefully meet us at the Atlanta airport tomorrow morning. The Bham girls are making up stories along the way. I got to reminece with P and A about some ways that were used to fix oil and radiator leaks when I was a child. I love EST because it is already bed time. Good night.

Hunts on the move

Since our family moved so much, it was hard for our extended family to keep up with our address. As our children grew up and left home it was hard for me to keep up with every address and phone number. P started making us a Hunts on the Move list every time someone moved. Most of us haven't changed homes recently but today we are going to all move to Atlanta with suitcases in tow to begin family vacation! It has been a while since all of us did something together. There should be updates along the way. Let the fun begin!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grace's Kitchen

Since the tornados of April 27, Grace's Kitchen has been feeding people whose lives have been turned upside down. We have fed people in Pleasant Grove, Cordova, Hackleburg, Shoal Creek, and Pratt City. Since I finally got a new camera, P and J got to have their pictures made while preparing for a baby shower at Lovelady. If you would like to know more about Grace's Kitchen, visit our website at
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Cute girls!

Thursday was a busy girl day. AC and L stayed with me while their mom worked. At noon, I left them and drove to mom's where I saw the VA girls. It was Mad's thirteenth birthday but I didn't get her picture. The little girls are always ready to pose. Then we drove to Kennesaw and visited with the cousins for a few minutes. Everyone is growing up so quickly.
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