Monday, August 27, 2012


First, second and high school (9th grade).  Girls are growing up too quickly.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good bye

 Photo time with the ladies at the hostel who took care of us all week.  Great to see friends on our way to the airport.  We even had time to visit the rim of one more volcano.  No trip to Ecuador is complete without getting your picture made at 0 0 latitude.  Some of our heads were in the Southern and some were in the Northern hemisphere.

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Independence Day in Ecuador

 We celebrated Independence Day with a trip to my favorite mountain number 3.  So glad to spend time with the pastor and his family.  We ended our morning with a roadside picnic. 

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Ecuador 5

 My favorite preschoolers at VBS.  The last night of the youth meeting Marco spoke to the youth and their parents. 
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One of the most beautiful places in Ecuador. 

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Ecuador 4

 What a wonderful missionary family that I got to go with.  Thanks C for the beautiful Ecuadorian scarves.  Fun times a VBS in Otavalo and Urcuqui.

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Ecuador 3

The VBS students just kept coming to the Otavalo VBS.  Bus rides are always fun.  The team got together for a picture in Urcuqui.  Favorite mountain number 2 was out in all its glory. 

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 It was wonderful to go with one of my Sunday School students and his family.   One of my three favorite mountains.
The songs in Ecuador involve lots of movement.  I love Ecuadorian roses.

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What a great week!  Visiting friends, playing with lots of kids at two vacation Bible schools, enjoying the scenery. So many pictures to post but will try to limit myself to only a few blog posts. 

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