Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was our off day so we only walked around from 8a am to 8 pm. We got to see the city. Since it was Wednesday, Westminister Abby closed at 12 so we didn't get to see in for the third yearin a row.
Today S and I walked an area where I had not been. It is a very commercialized area with lots of construction and noise. Our weather has been really nice. While we were walking we had a rain shower as we were approaching the British Museum. We went inside until the rain let up which wasn't long. We did go to see the display of the gold medals that will be given away at the London Olympics. There were lots of people around but all of them were scurrying around so as of 2:30 we had engaged no one.. We were on our way back to our hotel but decided to cut through the University of London. We came out near a beautiful church building which the group Monday had said had been turned into apartments. The door was open so S and I went in. Part of the building is being used for a chapel. We went in to look around. It was beautiful and huge. The front of the chapel has been partitioned off to make a much smaller area. It is being rented out to a group that is holding services there. While we were there two girls came in. We asked if they were part of the church. They said they were getting their master's degrees and were from Turkey. We talked to them and told them that we would get someone from KCBC to contact them. They had visited another church in the area this morning and were looking for a place to listen to music. We are so thankful for time we spent with them.
Tomorrow we meet the other team to walk in an area that I walked two years ago.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today we walked for six hours with a short break for lunch. Today I walked with A and K through a very diverse area where I had been on Sunday. There were so many people going quickly every where. I got to experience two inns which did not meet my American definition for inn. Thanks to k for the European definition. They both contained beautiful places of worship that are open during the day. We got yo go in. There was an actual person playing the organ in one of them. Tonight we decided to not go for fish and chips but to go back to one of the areas where we walked for the past two years. We wanted to check on the pastor status at a church that we continue to have on our p list.

Monday, October 10, 2011


What a blessing it was to walk with the boyz today. We covered the area around KCBC where we were yesterday morning. We had some good conversations and the boyz will be going to some targeted areas tomorrow Then we walked to the area where the University is. We stood in the middle of students from every tribe and tongue today. After our debrief time we headed out for our city pw. We visited St Paul's and the Miillieum Bridge where v & a got their referral for J last year. Some how we lost the river so it took us forever to get to the tower bridge and across to the tube station. We were thankful for the tube to get back home.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today was a wonderfully long day. We worshipped with some of our friends At 1 pm we broke into teams and did our first walk. We talked to several people and saw how very diverse our area is. At 6:30 we were back with our friends for Eden cafe night. I can now say that I enjoyed the Christian rapper.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Our team made it to Camden. We have done our first walk through Camden Town which is always such an eye opener to all the new people. We did our first group pr*yer walk on Primrose Hill over looking the city just as it was getting dark.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrating Grannie

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church and the Mission Center celebrated Grannie on grandparents day. She was given plaques for all of her years of ministry. Four of the eight great granddaughters got to be there. H enjoyed decorating Nana for a pagent while AC enjoyed a game of football with the boys.
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Celebrating birthdays

L and M had birthdays at the end of August. My first great nephew was born at the end of September. We celebrated P's birthday at the beginning of October.
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First Day of School

While I was in VA working, all the girls started school.
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