Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last day

On Friday a new driver took us to see the Atlantic Ocean. There is a huge mosque located by the water. It was wonderful to know that God is sovereign in spite of how things appear. The view was spectacular and made me wish I still lived in Florida. We were carried to two different markets while we were in the city. I am not a shopper so these events were very stressful for me. I do not like to bargain for souvenirs so I bought minimal items. I am so glad the rest of the team really enjoyed the shopping and looking . At 10:30 on Friday night we were off to the airport to begin our trip home. We got to change to an earlier flight and got home on time. As usual it is hard for me to adjust to the materialism of where I am but I know that God placed me here for a purpose. May I live my life for His purpose.
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Waiting for the ferry and on to the city

S, F, and S waiting for the ferry. Then we were bouncing again through the countryside. We finally arrived in the city in late afternoon. We stopped with our driver at his house in one of the suburbs. We met his family and delivered all the supplies that he had bought on our trip. The city was so overwelming after being in the village. After pizza for dinner we arrived at our guest house just after dark. The nights rest was wonderful.
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Go Northwest

On Thursday morning we began our ten our trek back to the northwest. The sunrise was again so beautiful reminding us what a beautiful earth God created. Our first stop was in the next large town where our driver stocked up on some oranges for his family. F and the boys are coming out of one of the border stops where we paid to go from one country to another. I was so thankful that I was not traveling with all my belongings on the bus that was crossing the ferry.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Last day of clinic

Finally, I got a decent picture of a termite mound. I had seen pictures of them but you need to see them in person. S saw around 113 people in the clinic on the last day. The girl with the healthy twins were among my favorites. The little boy had a goiter in his neck. B said he needed to buy iodized salt. We take so much for granted in America. This is the goat that our village gave our team. Being the goat lover that I am, I had to get my picture with it.
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More friends and a beautiful sunrise

F is outside the house where we stayed. D and M are eating breakfast before our last trip to the village. F is hanging out the wash before he went to the school with F & S. The sunrise was awesome.

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S and B made a house call to a man who was too weak to walk. We met the evangelists on our walk. Two friends on their way to by peanuts. We were relaxing at M's house where friends gathered. MM sang a Hindi song for us. Her ancestors were from India.

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