Friday, October 5, 2012

Who did I bring back? #9

 The twin corner.  Some are success stories and some are not.  One twin has downs syndrome.

As the sun was going down, the last group got to come through the gate.

It has been a long, very productive day.

On Saturday, before anyone in AL was awake, we were beginning our journey back to our time zone.  We arrived back in Bham at 7 on Monday night.  Not only did I bring back people, I brought back an African virus.  I am usually never sick when I return but this one got me.  After a day of rest and a steroid shot, I am back to my crazy self and ready to gohuntago!
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Who did I bring back? #8

 Finally, L was able to calm the chaos of those waiting.  It lasted a little while.

 Couldn't tell if she was asleep or just didn't open her eyes which were covered with flies.  The eye doctor said she had some kind of medical problem.  So sad but cute.

Yes, I can see!

This lady brought a new orphan to join the formula club.  She was from another tribe and did not speak our language so L had to get another lady to translate for her.

Another new member of the club.  L is explaining the rules.
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Who did I bring back? # 7

As the day progressed the crowd grew for the clinic.  Everyone who came in was trying to find a shade.  The formula club moms and babies gathered under the carport.

The men formed an orderly line.

G's daughter, U, was one of the ones who listened to the Good News tapes that I was able to share after the medical supplies were passed out but the eye doctor still had patients waiting.

 M, in the red shorts, was the first orphan in the formula club.  L took him in at birth and fed him until he was big enough to go live with G who is a relative of his.  He is now three and very healthy and happy.  He is always ready to eat when the food is served.

Once the ladies joined the men by the clinic, chaos began.  L had to use her loud teacher voice to get the ladies to calm down.
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Who did I bring back? #6

 On Thursday, I got to spend the morning with G and her family.  I carried the cassette player and the Good News book.  We sat and listened to the story in their language. 

 In the afternoon we visited the M village which is several miles south of our town.  We had sent the men off from another village the day before and they had spent the night and trekked to some other villages that morning. 

S has leprosy in one of her hands.  Our friends were able to get her to a doctor who has help stop the spread through medicine.  She is passionately reading the gospel of John.  As she read the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, she looked up with a wow expression and said with much enthusiasm "He really did feed 5000 people."  It was wonderful seeing how excited she is about God's word.

The men bought okra while on the trek so dinner went from being Mexican to home food.  I got to wash the okra with clorox and then fry it.  It was delicious.

Friday was the second clinic.  The crowd was huge when the door opened.  The people were very impatient.  Before anyone was seen at the clinics, Tristen and H shared stories with them.  It seemed to calm them down for a while.
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Who did I bring back? #5

These two are brother and sister of our translator.  They both work for our friends.  The dishwasher has quite a job since any child who is in the compound at mealtime gets fed.  His job gets ever harder to do when the water is out.

R let me share her room in the school building for the second year.  She was dressed up for the girl party which was being held across the street in honor of a relative who was having a baby that day in another village.  Each guest is supposed to give money to the people hosting the party.  We went for a while but it wasn't much of a party because there was no electricity so there was no music and dancing.  When we went back home, all the children came with us.  L brought a lady to sit with us whose son lives in the US.  She left this week to go on a pilgrimage to M.  Please pray for F.

Thursday is science day at homeschool.  I got to participate in the magnet experiment.

N and his friends love to play blow the rubber bands.  They spend lots of time playing this game.
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Who did I bring back? #4

 This is a calm group waiting to get to the clinic.  As the day and temperature went on, the crowd grew larger and the women especially became more impatient crowding the door.  Thankfully, we had a door keeper.

There are so many twins in this country.  Many of them are wonderful success stories for the formula club.

I had several opportunities to do impromptu ESL lessons with R and her friends.  When I chose the book, we read from the Jesus Storybook Bible from M & N's schoolroom.
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Who did I bring back? #3

 Two members of the formula club who are thriving.

N and friends model their new glasses.

Waiting to see the eye doctor at his office with no air.  If it had air, it would have been of little help since the electricity and water were off most of the time from Wednesday til Saturday.  I can make it without electricity but it is hard without water.  Fortunately our hosts have a reserve tank which they can use when the public water stops.

Since last year this little girl was able to go to the capital to have spina bifida surgery.  She was afraid of me but she loves L.  She is a regular visitor to the compound.
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Who did I bring back? #2

 The pharmacy opened up on Monday with the packaging of the meds and formula. 

I got to reconnect with my friend G.  Last year she let me spend the morning with her.  She tried to teach me to cook African style in her outdoor kitchen.  I failed the first lesson which was throwing up the rice.  This year she came over to help me.  We put ribbon around baby gifts that had been sent.  That afternoon we took these to the maternity ward at the local hospital to be given to mothers who deliver their babies at the hospital instead of in the bush. 

On Tuesday the held the first clinic.  M and N were our first sunglass models.
There were lots of women and babies who came.  The formula club members come every Tuesday and Friday so they were there along with all the others who came for the eye clinic and to get over the counter medical items.

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Who did I bring back with me? #1

 On Sunday we went to native church.  There we reconnected with old friends from last year and worshipped with them in their language and some of ours.  In the afternoon, the next UVA baseball star organized the baseball game.

 The first village we visited was the same one where we held our first clinic last year.  We visited in the same compound where S and I had prayed for each individual who came out of last year's eye clinic.  As there was a pause in those coming out, we prayed for the ladies of the compound who were pounding their grain behind us.  How wonderful to see God answer prayer.  This year one of the ladies sat and read scripture to me.  She and her husband, the chief,  are believers.  Please pray for Z and H.

Baby M from across the street was a year old last year and was very ill.  This year her health is much improved.  She isn't quit walking but she is always playing with the kids.  We know she is an answer to prayer.
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