Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun day in DC

 On Saturday, J did not have to work so we went to DC for the afternoon. We took the Metro from Falls Church to the Mall. M wanted to see the Air and Space Museum. Her favorite part was a picture gallery of the planets. Since they have been taken by exploring space craft, they are very close up. E enjoyed the escalators. M, age 6, liked the merry go round ride. I enjoyed remembering a trip made with FBC Melbourne youth when Mel was in high school.
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Happy birthday with Aunt P

 Aunt P and I flew to VA to visit with the girls who were out of school. We were there to celebrate M's 6th birthday. P left on Tuesday but I got to stay while D was away. While the girls were at school, I worked at SBS so I wasn't bored.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good bye

 It was a sad time of goodbyes to our new friends at AHI. What a wonderful trip!
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Bead making

 On Thursday afternoon, we rode in the rain in the back of the truck to make beads with the widow's group ladies. Helen who is their leader said that about 85% of them are HIV postive. John had a new tarp for the truck so at least we were able to stay dry. We were amazed at all the ladies who walked in the rain to meet with us. Dorthy tried to teach me to roll the paper on the needle to make beads but I don't think I was very good at it. I think it would take a while to get my fingers to cooperate. It is amazing how beautiful the beads look after they are varnished. If anyone is interested in buying some, the WMU office in Bham sells them at their World Market store.
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Back to the ranch

 On the way back we were greeted by yet more children. John, our driver, stopped at the store to get some meet for dinner. He was probably celebrating his light bulb that Wes installed for him for his house. He has never had electricity at his house. The non ranch cows were walking down the road. Such long horns they have.
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L village school

 We drove to the L village school where activity day was held on Saturday for character development. Our fan club ran out along the way yelling Mzungu. We certainly felt like royalty. At the school, Magazi taught while I wrote on the chalk board and the other girls read the scripture. The lesson this week was on Nutrition. We talked about how every person needed to eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Most of them have a diet of porridge for breakfast, maize corn for lunch and pocha (rice) for dinner. This school has planted a collard green patch out back to provide vitamins for their meals. When we were finished we went out back to the feeding area where all the children at the school get a balanced lunch of pocha, beans and greens. At least they get one balanced meal a day.

Time at the well

 On Thursday morning the girls decided to spend some time at the well. We got our last look at the freezer that our team assembled then we walked to the well. One of our team members read for us the story of the woman at the well. We spent a while just thinking about the importance of the well to these people and how important a place it was in Jesus day. One of the farm workers came to get water. He was one of the fortunate who came because he was rolling his containers in a wheelbarrow. The ladies live in the hut that is located very close to the well.
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Goodbye to the ranch primary school

Wednesday afternoon was our last trip to the primary school. All the children who were at school that afternoon, got to see the Jesus film. I was able to tell them why our group came to Uganda. It was such a blessing to see how they reacted to the video. The lady is the wonderful head master of the school. She was so kind to us during our many visits to her school. One of our team members enjoyed chasing children with removable teeth and a turkey call.
I will certainly miss these children with their pink uniforms.

End of fun day

Our last animals to see were hungry hippos and a monkey thief. The hippos obviously don't value their personal space. We boated up the Victoria Nile where we had our picture made with the bottom of Mucherson Falls in the background. The monkey was waiting at the wharf. When he smelled the potato chips in a man's backpack, he grabbed the bag and ate them.
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