Friday, May 28, 2010

Lincoln revisited

On our last night there, we visited the Univ. of Nebraska stadium and attended a drama that M's church originally did at Easter. It was written and performed by members of his church. They have church in a school but they have a storefront where they have all their extra activities. The drama was excellent.
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Not Alaska

The last town we visited shared its name with one in Alaska. We spent some time with at the chamber of commerce getting lots of info on that town. The people were very friendly. There is a beautiful college campus there and some really beautiful old houses. M's church is in the process of planting a church there.
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Possible work

We drove by R school where several children attended a winter Bible club after school. There is a church in R that the Methodist left so it has been unused for years. The community wanted to keep it so they would have a place to eat after funerals since it is next to a cemetery.
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The sandhills area has negative population growth as does much of rural Nebraska. The group that is going in June will be doing some work in B which was one of the larger towns we visited.

Nebraska hands on

The next day (armed with what we'd learned) we started north. Our first stop was T's ranch. He is Nebraska born and is an associational leader. Our church works in partnership with him and M who is pastor of Communtity Harvest in Lincoln. We got to ride around in the van with them. It was a very informative time in seeking God's direction for HSs involvement in N. I learned more about ranching than I ever needed to know.
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Nebraska Mission trip April 2010

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In April I was able to go to Nebraska on a mission trip. We flew to Lincoln, visited with M's family and then drove to Grand Island (How can it be an island when it is not on a body of water?) The next day we attend a summit where we learned what is going on in Nebraska associations and were given info to pray about. Our last session was on Nebraska history. Thankfully, our leader for that session works for the dot so we all got maps.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Food + music + games = fun!

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Faces from the block party

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International Missions

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Congo, Iraq, Bhutan, and India were all represented at our block party today that was held only three hours from home with only one time change. We had a wonderful time of food, games, crafts, face painting and the gospel was shared. What a blessing!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The end repost 2

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The end

As people shopped in the government cotton and linen store, our bus driver was having his prayer time behind the plants. It was the afternoon call to prayer. We got our pizza's at this stop and ate them on our way back to the hotel. The view inside our hotel was very peaceful compared to the chaos outside. I had to make my last shot at 37,000 feet over Greenland.


Don't you know that the Sphinx wished he had a pizza and KFC! That is what he looks at all the time. The Pizza Hut man came on the bus and took our order. He brought it to us about an hour later so that we could go to the government souvenir shops. The first was the perfume store. We were given a presentation about the stuff they sold. As you can see by my reflection in the glass, I was about the perfume. I had to keep my nose covered the entire presentation because I couldn't stand the smell. The bottles were beautiful. I just stayed because they told us we would get something to drink and an ice cream when they had finished.