Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tied for world's best grandmother

Tonight the AL grand girls and I got to hang out while the parents went to a wedding rehearsal dinner. When I arrived at their house, AC presented me with a paper that said I had made 10/7 for being the world's best grandmother. She said that I was tied with Magee her other grandmother.
A few months ago, L wanted me to take them to McDonald's because their parents never did. AC announced that this was her 3rd time in her life to go there. Since they never get to go, they told me all of their friends who have happy meal toys. We went and they each got the toy that they have always wanted and they actually ate their food. AC announced that it was our favorite place and we would always go out to eat there.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Math Teachers Poem

Got home, now gone
Trading books for cooks.

Thankfully, I got the third from the last seat assigned on the 9:30 plane from Atlanta to Bham. I hung around baggage claim thinking that surely my bag would not make it, but it did! I had a wonderful time in VA. I am already missing my early morning hugs and smiles. This is the first year that I have left the dungeon in May knowing that I actually did get all the buyback books on the shelf. That work is so good for me because it is such a workout. Thanks to J for providing the job for me and D for letting me move in. Today I cook, tomorrow I sew!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reading with the girls

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Borrowed camera in VA

Since I leave tommorrow, I knew I must borrow a camera today and get pictures of my girls. When I left home on May 4, I was sad that I would miss feeding tornado victims with Grace's Kitchen. As usual I haven't had much time to miss AL. On my first night here, I got to go to M's orchestra concert. She looked so grown up playing the cello. They sounded wonderful.This week I got to go to M's track meet. She likes to run short distances. She ran her first relay and didn't drop the baton! It is always fun to play with the little girls. We continued our Saturday morning Chikfila time which is always fun. They are growing up very quickly but still like to have their picture made. The last picture reminds me of how I found the dad when he was a teenager. M will be 13 in a month. I will miss them but have things to do in AL all next week. Tuesday morning I will be helping with Grace's Kitchen to prepare lunch for Cordova which was destroyed by the tornado on April 27.
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