Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three shakes and kindergarten

I was awakened at 1:07 with a shaking bed. The first aftershock of the day was a 4. something. Being upstairs and asleep, it seemed stonger. The second ,about half that size, came while all the alarm clocks were going off so none of us felt it. It is the second day of school for m & m who are in 8th and 1st grade. My baby granddaughter, e, started kindergarten today. About 11:30 while in the dungeon, the metal shelves started rattling. Later I read that it was another minor aftershock. I will never take it lightly when I hear that a major earthquake area has aftershocks. Those people must be very frightened every time the earth starts shaking.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is really weird. It is 8 pm and we just felt an aftershock.


Today as Mol and I were working in the dungeon, the building started shaking. I thought it was from a train that runs behind the parking lot. It started shaking a lot and became louder. I took Mol by the hand and started up the steps to find Mad who was on the third floor. At the top of the steps, an employee came running down the aisle yelling that it was an earthquake. That really scared Mol. By the time we found Mad it was over. It was a 5.9 earthquake whose epicenter was about 26 miles from us. It brought back memories of the morning I woke up in GA with my bed shaking from an earthquake. Glad I don't live on the west coast.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Darker than a dungeon

After a gigantic storm last night in Cville, SBS was totally without power all day today. Since we are down to our crunch, the boss decided to let us work. J took a picture of me but all you could see was my head light shining. It was quite an adventure. Hopefully it will be back on tomorrow.