Monday, September 6, 2010

Cataract and Callaway

Last week was a busy one. On Wednesday Grannie had her surgery to remove the cataract from her right eye. She stayed with me one night and I stayed with her two nights. She did really well. Hopefully, that will end her surgeries for a while.
After school on Friday, I went with my Bham families to Callaway Gardens. Thanks to the M family who let us stay in their beautiful house. We had a great time swimming and riding bikes. M got to slide on a slide that looked like the one we got her for her second birthday. We saw lots of beautiful flowers, butterflies, old cars and hot air balloons. Thanks to P and M who were in charge of the menu and did some wonderful cooking. As usual the girls gave us lots of laughs.
Tomorrow I begin my Esther Bible Study. Wednesday night is our first Grief Share for any lady who has lost someone they love. It will be different from the Grief Share we have had for widows only that will continue to meet on Tuesday morning. Thursday will start bright and early for Grace's Kitchen. My afternoon will be spent volunteering at VHEW library. Hopefully there will be some work for me at Monogram's Plus! Labor Day is almost over so let the week begin!
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