Friday, August 28, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

After two weeks of working and playing with my family in VA, I drove to Alabama today. I'll miss the family but it is good to be home. This weekend Mel and Liz have birthdays so there will be lots of celebrating and birthday cake from WF.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Madeline is sewing.

For Madeline's 11th birthday, I gave her a sewing machine. Since neither of my girls sew, I hope that Madeline will carry on the sewing in our family. She really seems to enjoy it. She is making a nightgown but wants to design and make doll clothes. Maybe she will make quilts like Grannie or just sew whatever like me.
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Madeline goes to middle school

Madeline started middle school today. Since I began middle school for 18 years, I guess I was dreading it more than she was. She likes all of her classes and her teachers. Molly and Emma began new classes at Foundations so they had to have their pictures made.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hunta and the girls

Every August I get to go to VA to spend time with the girls and to work for J at the Student Book Store. On Saturday mornings the girls and I go for breakfast and some fun. Last Saturday we went to a park and played.
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nun (pronounced noon)

One of the blessings of going on short term international mission trips is the people that you meet. On my trip to Chaing Rai, Thailand in March 2007, I met some young first generation Christians who work at Baan Athitaan Church. Earlier this year I got to see Lek and Ja (3rd from left on middle row and left top row) who came to see some churches here.
Last night I got to visit for a few minutes with Nun. She is on the front in the top picture and in the green shirt in the other. When we were in Thailand she told us that her dream was to come to the US. It was wonderful to see her dream fulfilled. It has been wonderful to know her and keep up with her some by email. I continue to pray for them and their work with one of the most unreached groups in the 10/40 window.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going with the Girls

On Thursdays this summer I have helped Mel out by keeping the girls while she works. They are so much fun. Today they spent about 45 minutes playing the Sound of Music. Even though they've only seen it a couple of times, they were quoting it and singing the songs. Since they are so good, I don't mind taking them places. Today we went to the PO to mail something for Aunt Paula, the bank and to Moe's. They are so cute when they order their Puff, the magic dragon. I don't have to say anything. The servers obviously enjoy listening to them. This time next Thursday Anna Claire will be going to school.
Where does the time go. I will miss the good times.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Morning Devotion

Everyday before we went our to our churches we met as a team. This was Tim's day.
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Chirhuasi Children's camp

This is one of the many dogs who came to church.
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Breakfast at Hotel Lily

This is the entire group having breakfast on our first day.
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Go Hunta Go

I have been blogging for many hours. Be sure you view older posts since I probably added 50 today. No, you have not seen all my pictures but you have seen the highlights. What a blessing it is to work with the people of Ecuador for the glory of God.
Tomorrow I will continue with going to work and the many activities I do. May I not forget Ecuador.

Beautiful Goodbye

The view out our hotel window in Quito on the last night. Amazing!
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New Equador

This is the tourist place where the equador momument is. I have one foot in the Northern and one foot in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Old Equador

This is where we ate lunch on the last day. Clemencia packed our lunch for us and we had a picnic.
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Goodbye Otavalo

Karlita and Analia and the puppy came to see us off.
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At the wedding

Eva, Cristian, Amparito and her mom are waiting for the wedding to begin.
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Ms Bobbie's grandson

Roberto who is a pastor and his family always come to see us. He told Ms Bobbie that he didn't know his grandmother. He would let her be a grandmother to him.
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Liseth and Israel are Wilman and Clemencia's oldest children. They have become good muscians in the last 3 years. They do a good job playing at church.
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The dog who came to church!

This little girl brought her puppy to the marriage seminar. It was the cutest thing to see her carrying him around. Her parents were one of the couples who got counseling and their marrige was restored.
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Mari and Clemencia were such great help. Mari is an English teacher in Ecuador so she helped me with ESL on Wednesday. She was able to come on Thursday so I had 14 children who could not speak to me by myself. We made it fine.
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Karlita's sister.
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She is the youngest daughter of Wilman, the pastor at Galilee, and Clemencia.
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Esl at Galilee

The next few pictures are the children I had in ESL at Galilee on Wednesday and Thursday. We were supposed to have children starting at 10 years old. When we got there we had 6 and up so I took the 6 to 10 year olds and Ms Bobbie had over 10. Some of them I had 3 years ago. They have been practicing.
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Elvis with the brown shirt is my friend on facebook. He is in seminary to be a pastor. He got to ride around with us in the back of the truck the first year we went. I kept making pictures of the mountain Imbaburra. Finally, Elvis told me that I was taking pictures of the same mountain. It is just so big and I saw it in so many places that I thought it was a different mountain everywhere we went.
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Ms Bobbie and Juana

Ms Bobbie had her picture made with Chirihuasi's WMU director, Juana. She is the pastor of Chirihuasi's wife.
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Sherri at the day care.

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Tim, who helped Cristian with the boy's Bible study, has the fabulous view from high up on Imbaburra behind him.
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