Thursday, January 31, 2013

Atlantic Ocean

 On our off day in the capital, J took us on a tour of the beach.  The pictures are not as beautiful as it was in person. 

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We were blessed to have a study time with our wonderful inn keeper. 

This is a view of the auberge from the river bank.

Goodbye to the river.
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More pictures

 We got to celebrate F's birthday in WA again this year.

We were greeted by old friends as we walked down the street.

Everynight Madame S made us salad.  This one had grapefruit.  The French word for grapefruit is one of the vocabulary words that I remember from so many years ago.  I just can't remember how to spell it. 

While walking to the market, we met this creative toy.  It is a paint roller attached to a stick.  It makes such a wonderful push toy. 

We stopped by the S's house to visit with the grandmother.  We had a wonderful visit even though we didn't speak the same language.
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Clinic Again

 Those waiting for the clinic heard the stories.

The goat under the chair had to examine the pharmacy and waiting room.

One of our nurses is taking time to pray for one of the patients.

E who wants to be a doctor learned how to take blood pressure. 

The nurse thought the boy had been hit by a car.  He misunderstood what the translator said.  The boy had been hit by a cow. 
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 This donkey was guarding the gate to the auberge one afternoon when we got home.

It was great to see E and have him translate for us.

Our sweet friend, K, always has a smile no matter how hard she is working.

This beautiful chicken will probably be in that cooking pot one day. 
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Praying about the use of this lot.

Pictures to share

 There are always lots of need for wound care.  Even though the skin was eaten away from this baby's knee, he never cried while the wound was being cleaned. 

We spend much of our time telling the stories to those who come our way.

The sunrise is always beautiful over the river. 

These were some delicious grilled fish.
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Let the clinics begin

 Lots of people came to our first clinic. 

We missed our friends who usually write names of the patients and what is bothering them.  F and T, who took over that job from me in the afternoon, did a great job.


There was a common bowl for the translators at lunch and some of the team got to enjoy it as well.  The eye doctor looks like he is doing an eye exam while he is eating.

This  is our fabulous nursing team.  They did a fabulous job!!!
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Changing climates

 When January comes, it is time to gohuntago.  The first few weeks were spent in VA.  It snowed the day I was back in AL.  It caused chaos on the roads but I made it to the airport in time to leave.  We flew to Charles DeGaulle  and enjoyed several hours of walking the terminal.

We arrived at our destination after a spend the night in the capital.  Our dear friend has opened an inn in the city we visit.  We really enjoyed staying with her.  Usually we tire of the native food, but since our hostess is such a wonderful cook we enjoyed every bite.

On Sunday we got to worship with our fellow believers in the city. 

One of our friends from previous trips helped us count out meds for our clinics. 

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